Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Elements of Design (Factors affecting Fashion/Art/Design)

                                   Elements of Design ( Factors affecting Fashion/art/Design)
This is the most exciting topic for me to write on the visual language or elements of design,  through which we read any design/art. From today onward I am going to write on this subject which will help other student across the world to have better insight about this subject. I hope they will have better understanding why we are taking these elements so seriously while studying and designing in our professional career.

” Every design and most of the  art colleges having this module called Elements of design- EOD (some call it Design process, Elements and principles of Design, Design Concepts etc.) I feel very pleasure to share with you that while I have decided to write on this  topic I have collected all premier institutes syllabus on this subject. When I was a student - struggling hard to find reference book, unfortunately in the Indian market there is no such book available, at least 10 books I have read, described in foreign context, it is very difficult to understand and relate to our demography)
Every design professionals and design aspirants having one question in their mind “how one can describe design/art” what is the literature and how it can be decipher?
Yes it is not mathematics calculation like 2 + 2= 4, whether an scientist calculate it or an illiterate person, whether it is been calculated in a remote village or USA. But when we talk about design every art work/installation/design/composition/graphics is subject to person ‘who is seeing this’. Every individual having its own perception, their pre-notion about certain things- symbols, architecture, paintings. It differs from one person to other.
Within a classroom if any mathematician giving lectures all outcome is like 2+2 = 4. But inside any design classroom/workshop if a designer demonstrate and give guideline to create an art work based on defined theme, I am more than sure that all student’s will be different from each other here 2+2=4 formula doesn’t workArt and Design is a language but different person decipher it differently   

Factors affecting Fashion/Art/Design

Please Note I am writing a book on this topic, at this moment detailed description can not be publish on the blog as per my privacy policy. Please wait for the right time.

In this series of blogs  I'll  try to elaborate these rule and fact which will help a design aspirant to understand logic behind creation. It will improve design sensibility, creativity and your visual literacy. Design aspirants are always confused about some fashion terms, I tried to describe main terminology with visual. Many professionals are roaming (even after graduating from reputed institute) what is theme mood board, color board I portrayed with visual reference so that one can understand it better.