Friday, August 21, 2015

Visual Merchandising ( Layout )

STORE LAYOUT  Store design 

It refers to ways that stores use floor space to facilitate and promote sales and serve customers.
A store layout is a plan designating the use of all space in the store, including aisles, fixtures; merchandise displays, and selling areas.
Store layout is the management/arrangement and the combination four distinct spaces of the store:
1.      Selling space: General interior of the store
2.      Storage space: Allocated to items kept in Stockrooms and inventory for selling
3.      Personnel space: Employee lockers , offices , lunch-breaks, and restrooms
4.      Customer space: Areas of comfort and convenience for customers incl. a cafĂ© , food courts ,recreation areas for children’s.


        To create effective merchandise presentation
        Use multi-levels to provide a sense of variety.
        To create balance between sales and shopping space.
        To guide the customer around the store and entice increased purchases.

Types of Store Layout

1.      Free-flow layout
2.      Grid layout
3.      Loop layout or race track layout
4.      Spine layout or combination layout.

Free-flow layout

        Fixtures and merchandise grouped into free-flowing patterns on the sales floor – no defined traffic pattern
        Works best in small stores (under 5,000 square feet) in which customers wish to browse
        Works best when merchandise is of the same type, such as fashion apparel
        If there is a great variety of merchandise, fails to provide cues as to where one department stops and another starts

Live example from a store.

2. Grid layout

        The counters and fixtures are placed in long rows or ‘‘runs,’’ usually at right angles, throughout the store.
        A linear design for a selling floor where fixtures are arranged to form vertical and horizontal aisles throughout the store.
        Supermarkets, discounters, grocery, drug store and other convenience –oriented retailers, typically use it.
        Best used in retail environments in which majority of customers shop the entire store
         Can be confusing and frustrating because it is difficult to see over the fixtures to other merchandise
         Should be employed carefully; forcing customers to back of large store may frustrate and cause them to look elsewhere.

Live example from a store.

3. Loop layout

A major customer aisle begins at the entrance, loops through the store—usually in the shape of a circle, square, or rectangle—and then returns the customer to the front of the store.
This layout divides the selling floor into shops within the store.
Loop with a major aisle that has access to departments and store’s multiple entrances.
Draws customers around the store
This layout is employed in a discount or a department store.
Major customer aisle(s) begins at entrance, loops through the store (usually in shape of circle, square or rectangle) and returns customer to front of store
        Exposes shoppers to the greatest possible amount of merchandise by encouraging browsing and cross-shopping

Live example from a store.

4.    Spine Layout(combination)

        Variation of grid, loop and free-form layouts
         Based on single main aisle running from the front to the back of the store (transporting customers in both directions)
         On either side of spine, merchandise departments branch off toward the back or side walls
         Heavily used by medium-sized specialty stores ranging from 2,000 – 10,000 square feet
         In fashion stores the spine is often subtly offset by a change in floor coloring or surface and is not perceived as an aisle
Variation of grid, loop and free-form layouts
Based on single main aisle running from the front to the back of the store (transporting customers in both directions)

Live example from a store.

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