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 Fixtures are the key elements for displaying the merchandise. In this chapter You will have a clear insight about:
What is fixtures ? 
Types of fixtures (with the base materials and appropriate uses.) 
Objectives of using fixtures.
 Importance of display Fixtures.
 Principles of selecting Fixtures. 

   Introduction :- The principal installations in a store are the fixtures. Fixtures are permanent or movable store furnishings that hold and display merchandise. Fixtures are furniture items that display the majority of the store's merchandise.
In simple word we can say fixtures are something which can hold merchandise or another object. Fixtures are also used to fix light it may be holder or a stand in those cases it termed as light fixtures.

OBJECTIVE of using fixtures

        Simple but attractive store fixtures. Can makes strong brand statement or everlasting impression on customers visiting the shop.
        As better quality fixtures can change the whole look of your retail store.
        Store fixtures which look attractive, helps in efficiently displaying products, are economical and very easy to maintain.


         Choosing the right retail display design for your product will make or break your sales efforts.
         Deploying a custom retail display with correct positioning you can influence consumers' buying behaviour, more often than not resulting in increased sales.
         An eye catching merchandising display will help your product get noticed.
         Retail fixtures have a huge impact on consumer decisions. More likely shoppers will be attracted to a well presented product and are willing to accept the price for a higher value they perceive.


        One key way to attract and keep the attention of shoppers is to create an environment that is conducive to shopping – and to do that you need to use compelling, interchangeable store fixtures and retail display systems to keep your store fresh, interesting and appealing.
        Keep in mind the scale and size of your merchandise while planning your purchase of fixtures.
        The cost of the fixture is compared to the possible revenue that will be generated from it within your store.
        And most important thing is Budget( you should kept in mind)
        Brand image should be maintained. For example a store like FabIndia known for originality and nature friendly products) cannot use a fixture which is very futuristic.
        Theme and look of the entire store should be maintained.


A traditional and economical way to display cloths
    1.      2-way and 4-way garment racks are adjustable and most commonly available in a chrome finish. Retailers have a choice of straight or slant arms, round or rectangular tubing with a flat base or on casters.

2. The round rack comes in several sizes. The circular rack supports a shelf or basket, has adjustable legs and comes in a chrome or black finish. These fixtures are available in round or rectangular tubing.
These kind of rack is useful for displaying a single design with various size set and color ways because Only limited parts of the garment can be seen easily.  
3. There are many types of counter racks available or you can say being used to displays small products & accessories. Accessory display is best fitted in acrylic, glass, leather, velvet, wire and even cardboard. The small counter racks are excellent to be installed near the checkout in a retail store, at flea markets and trade shows.

4. Body/dress forms and mannequins bring fashion to life in a small selling space. Dressed models create more interest than clothing sold from display racks. There are many styles of mannequins available to retailers today from traditional torso forms to modern wire forms.

5. Glass, plastic or wire cubes on a laminated base can be purchased together as a unit or designed from your own plan. Cube units work well for related items that may need dividers or other configurations for merchandise like clothing in various sizes and colours.

6. Gridwall gondolas, flexible fixtures displays lightweight merchandise  in large quantity. It allows retailers to display a larger volume of merchandise in a smaller space. These highly functional pieces are great for window displays, on the sales floor, or even trade shows.

7. Gondolas constructed from slatboard bring a modern look to any retail store. These store fixtures used with slatwall hooks or shelves. These types of flexible platform create stunning visual display.
8. Slatboard is available in many different laminated finishes. Slatwall hooks, shelves, brackets and other slatboard accessories help improve merchandising and sales.

9. Full vision showcases allow retailers to display a wide range of items such as jewelry, electronics and more. Sliding doors, locking mechanism, interior lighting and adjustable shelves offer several easy to view levels of display.

10. Half vision display cases offer the best of both worlds. It's a excellent for products needing high visibility and it also has a concealed clerk-side storage area. Adjustable shelves, locking doors and optional interior lighting complete the half vision showcase.

11. Curved or standard wrap counters are used for storage, rather than display. Modular units built with adjustable shelves are available in laminates or solid wood finishes. The wrap counter (or cash wrap) can hold bags, store-use items and more.

12. Cash register stands may have a flat top, but generally feature a recessed top to allow the cash register or POS system to sit securely. Undercounted storage with one or more adjustable shelves allows retailers to hold more in the checkout area.

13. Gondola shelving are easy to install and change on a frequent basis. The pegboard backing and shelving comes in several heights and depths. Gondola shelving can be used to create end caps, wall units or centre aisles.

14. The dump bin can be installed at one place for a long time. Perfect for promotional or clearance items, dump bins and dump tables work well for smaller products and placed near the front of the store (near cash counter) . Stacking baskets, spinning dump racks, hanging bins and other utility tubs are generally durable and inexpensive.

Types of FIXTURES can be used in a Store

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