Monday, September 21, 2015

Know your shape and choose Dress-fashion Accordingly (Guide for fashion styling)


What is your body type? It's diamond?, pear? straight? Inverted triangle? or sexy hourglass?

When I look into the mirror it says, “ You should wear a dress that will make you stand out” even more, “wear something that will make all the boys drool!" or "If you want that job, you'd better dress up nice. Endless questions come in mind, what should be the appropriate dressing for party? For different occasions? What style of dress should I wear?
 We use to see 1000 of cloths but select only few, (why?) And think why I can’t wear it, this style is not suitable for me, this kind of dressing is not fit for that particular occasion..and so on.. Well, everyone wants to get a compliment as ‘Glamorous’!! ‘Attractive’!! ‘Sexy’!! So pretty!! Considering all these I have thought to solve the problem of the beautiful creation of god ‘ the women’ This article will help you to hide all the flaws of your body/anatomy and enhance the beauty of your good features. I think every woman has a right to be adored and feel appreciated. Dressing comfortably and feeling comfortable. My objective is to highlight the best features and to suggest you how you can understand your body shape type & how you should dress-up (in the best possible manner). Not a specific shaped body is perfect, what perfect is how they carry themselves .Here I would like to elaborate different women body types, anatomy  and provide you with fashion stylist dressing tips (what should you wear, what will be the best for you, and what all kind of cloths you should avoid) for varied body structure so as to remain stylish and trendy at all times.
Here I have classified women’s body /anatomy shapes into five major categories. And those are;
1.      Apple shape (oval, diamond, sphere and spoons)
2.      Pear Shape (or triangle and tear drop)
3.      Rectangle & Column(also known as Ruler and straight body)
4.      Wedge: or Inverted Triangle
5.       Hourglass shape:(also known as figure eight)
I have tried my best to relate each body shape with celebrity’s figure. Description of each body type are listed below, try to visualize the difference between each shape, measure your body and see the criteria, and decide, under which category your body shape falls. Once you have recognized your body shape, go for detail guide for fashion, style, and dressing tips (which is linked to the each body shape, once you will click on that link it will redirect to new page).  

body shape

Apple shape:
(Also known as spoon shape Oval, Sphere and  diamond shape)

Celebrity (who has Apple shaped body) - Drew Barrymore; Adele; Eva Longoria; Jennifer Hudson, Michelle Obama

How will  you recognize  
Apple shaped body
  • Shoulders and hips are balanced, but narrower in comparison to waist.
  • Waist is wider from both front and side profiles, and rounded.
  • Posses charming and beautiful limbs with slim looking arms and legs with a heavy center
  • They don’t have defined waist.   

Diamond body type
  • Hips are broader than bust and shoulders
  •  Have a tendency to gain weight in the stomach, back, hips and buttocks.
  •   Waist is wide and undefined 
  • Have proportionately slender, shapely arms , your leg is the most attractive part.

Pear shape:
(also known as Teardrop or Triangle)

Celebrity (who has Pear shaped body) Kim Kardashian; Jennifer Lopez; Eva Mendes; Katherine Heigl, Katrina Kaif

How will you recognize
·        Hips are wider than waist and shoulders (but have a nicely defined waist)
·        The pear shape body type, have a bottom-heavy with hips significantly larger than the bust.
·        Slim waist line, narrow ribs and shoulders with feminine hip line.
·        an elegant neck and proportionately slim arms and shoulders
·         You first gain weight in your bottom and legs followed by your tummy and upper body.
·        you have a nicely defined waist. You have an elegant neck and proportionately slim arms.
·        waist is your best asset so don’t be afraid to show it off. You should create an illusion at your shoulder to balance your body.
·        This is the body type considered ideal in many culture, having an ideal feminine look accompanied with slim waist line, narrow ribs and shoulders with feminine hip line. 20 per cent of women possess this body type

Rectangle & Column
(also known as Ruler and straight body)

Celebrity (who has rectangle shape body) Natalie Portman; Amal Clooney; Hilary Sw

How will you recognize  
·        Hips and bust are balanced and your waist is not very defined.
·        a bottom that is more flat than round.
·        gain weight in your torso first and then your upper thighs and arms.
·        There is a little difference between rectangle and column shape. Column shape is more flat, straight , bust=waist=hip than rectangular.
·        These are leaner folks that have almost a straight, athletic figure, with almost no waist.
·        Your lower legs are always shapely and one of your best assets, You tend to gain weight in your torso first and then your upper thighs and arms

Inverted Triangle
(Also known as Wedge)

Celebrity (who has Inverted triangle shaped body) Naomi Campbell; Demi Moore; Renee Zellweger; Teri Hatcher

How will you recognize
·        Shoulders are wider than waist and hips
·        Broad chest and narrow waistline.
·        Hip are  narrower than the bust (and even waist)
·        You have amazing legs so feel free to play with skirt lengths, but don’t go too short otherwise you will further a top-heavy look
If you are Inverted Triangle figure click here for Fashion, Styling and Dressing tips;

(Also known as figure eight)

Celebrity (who has Hourglass shaped body) Scarlett Johannson; Kelly Brook; Salma Hayek

How will  you recognize-
  • Shoulders and hips are nearly of the same width
  • Shoulders are comparatively square.
  • Waistline is well defined, 8 inches to 10 inches smaller than the bust and hips.
  •  Hip fullness is set high.
  • The body's upper and lower portions are equally balanced.

I would like to thank Ms. Kiran and Mr. Sidhant who helped me a lot for the compilation of data. I have taken help from the number of websites and books. Special thanks to The times of India and the  It was great help


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