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Fashion, style and dress tips for Pear Shape Figure

In my blog post Know your shape and Dress-fashion Accordingly (Guide for fashion styling) I have mentioned five basic body types. This post is a fashion-style guide for the pear shaped women. It will guide you and solve your query about the fashion dress, how to find fashion styles that suits you...etc and it is the ultimate guide for easy and best fashion tips.

Pear shape:
(Also known as Teardrop or Triangle)

Celebrity (who has Pear shaped body) Kim Kardashian; Jennifer Lopez; Eva Mendes; Katherine Heigl

How will you recognize
·        Hips are wider than waist and shoulders (but have a nicely defined waist)
·        The pear shape body type, have a bottom-heavy with hips significantly larger than the bust.
·        Slim waist line, narrow ribs and shoulders with feminine hip line.
·        an elegant neck and proportionately slim arms and shoulders.

Your good features and problem area-  
·         You first gain weight in your bottom and legs followed by your tummy and upper body.
·        you have a nicely defined waist. You have an elegant neck and proportionately slim arms.
·        waist is your best asset so don’t be afraid to show it off. You should create an illusion at your shoulder to balance your body.
·        This is the body type considered ideal in many culture, having an ideal feminine look accompanied with slim waist line, narrow ribs and shoulders with feminine hip line. 20 per cent of women possess this body type
Fashion, Styling and Dressing tips;
·        Wear clothes such as A-line skirts, flared skirts or belted waist cloth so as to highlight your thin waist line enabling you to balance your lower body. If you have a thin waist, empire line dress will suit you best.
·        look for tops that will help balance your lower half while accentuating your defined waist
·         You should wear shirt dresses or puff sleeves dresses, bright colored tops, and even tops with wide straps to shift focus from the lower body.
·        Go for  prints and colours.
·         Choose tops that have very large necklines as this will help widen your shoulder area
·        Wear heeled shoes as they will add height. A structured shirt-dress with sleeves is great for downplaying bulges, and flatters most body shapes, particularly pear-shaped ones.

Easy, best fashion styling and dressing tips

·        Billowy tops that add volume to the bust with a snug fitting waist. Add flutter or princess sleeves for a more dramatic effect.
·        Shirts with a fitted waist, and embellishments around the bust and shoulders to balance your lower half.
·        Find dress shirts with structured or princess shoulders and a darted waist.
·        Wear wrap shirts that emphasize your small waist with full or structured shoulders and a wide neckline. Wear a padded bra for an enhanced effect.
·        Jackets with full or structured shoulders and a nipped-in waist in hip-length. Draw attention to your bust with pockets or details. Stay away from lower pockets.
·        Off the shoulder shirts or shirts with wide necklines and a fitted or nipped-in waist will widen and draw attention to your slim shoulders and emphasize your small waist.


·        Look for bottom that will minimize your lower half. High-waist trouser are an option for enhancing your waist
·        Look for straight cut jeans.
·        Skirts that cascade over your curves are best. Be sure to get pants, jeans and skirts that start below your navel
·        Lightly gathered skirt that will skim your body without getting volume

You should avoid

·        Avoid details such as embellished pocket.
·         Pants which may fall straight from widest part of your hip. A-line skirt, darker colors, with clean line and simple stitching.
·        Cargo pants, clingy dresses, whiskering and embellished (or small rear) pocket.
·        Avoid wearing light coloured and huge printed dresses. Use prints only for your upper body portion.


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