Monday, September 21, 2015

Fashion, Style, and Dressing guide for Hourglass or Figure Eight shaped women.

In my blog post Know your shape and Dress-fashion Accordingly (Guide for fashion styling)I have mentioned five basic body types. This post is a fashion-style guide for the Hourglass or figure eight shaped women. It will guide you and solve your query about the fashion dress, how to find fashion styles that suits you...etc and it is the ultimate guide for fashion tips.


(Also known as Figure Eight)

Celebrity (who has Hourglass shaped body) Scarlett Johannson; Kelly Brook; Salma Hayek

w will  you recognize-
·        Shoulders and hips are nearly of the same width.
·        Shoulders are comparatively square.
·        Waistline is well defined, 8 inches to 10 inches smaller than the bust and hips.
·         Hip fullness is set high.
·        The body's upper and lower portions are equally balanced.
Fashion, Styling and Dressing tips;
·        Square your shoulders and balance your hips:
·         Add shoulder width and interest with volume and detail (ruffles, gathers, pleats).
·         Choose wide necklines (boat, high, square) and shoulder yokes to draw the eye outward.
·         Avoid diagonal seam lines at the shoulder (raglan sleeves), which focuses on the slope.
·         Use short peplums or yokes to add volume higher on the hip.
·         Draw the eye to your assets with bright, light colors.
·        Accent your waist:
·         Choose styles that sit at your natural waistline.
·        Use contrasting colors at the waistline.
·        Try to choose those dresses which enhance your body shape
·         Select wrap tops, v-neck or scoop neck line, small ruffles, sweet heart neck line to
   Wear v-neck line single breasted jackets.
·        wear any type or cuts of trousers. If you are wearing flared pants, it will define your waist and if you are wearing jeans, it will define your hips.
·        Curve-hugging clothing looks amazing on you. Be sure to show off that waist by wearing belts.
·         Wrap-dresses look great too. Vintage clothing is especially designed for your shape.
·         While dressing it is always good to show your strengths thus lay emphasis on fitted waist line clothes, straight skirts with length a little bit upper or lower from your knees.
·        Look for tops that will accentuate your waist and help balance your bust with your hips.
·        Narrow v-necks.
·        Tops with banding or nipping at the waist.
·        Wrap-style tops.
·        Tailored shirts and jackets.
·        Dark colored tops.

Easy, best fashion-styling and dressing tips for Top;
·        Look for tops with narrow v-necks. This will help to visually narrow your bust.. A dark cardigan with a light-colored shell is particularly flattering.
·        Narrow shawl collars draw attention towards the center of your body making your bust appear smaller. Look for fitted or tailored bodies to show off your waist.
·        Dress shirts with deep-V collars visually narrows your bust. Choose tops with tailored waists that show off your hourglass figure.
·        Wrap tops with deep V-necks and simple sleeves create a bust minimizing effect while showing off your hourglass shape. Tops should wrap at your natural waistline.
·        Jackets with deep V-necklines, a nipped-in waist and slightly flared bottom help balance your upper and lower body. Jackets that hit at the hip bone are most flattering.
·        Choose bottoms that will enhance your lower body and help balance your ample bust. Try the following:
·        Pants with embellished or flap-style pockets.
·        Boot cut or slightly flared legs.
·        Full or A-line skirts.
·        Cargo pants.
·        Jeans with whiskering at the hips.

You should avoid
·        Layering, boxy shirts and oversize sweaters.
·        Avoid boxy, loose styles that conceal the waist.
·        Avoid wearing baggy tops or straight tunics.
·        Do not wear loose clothes. Because it can hide your waist
·        Stay away from tight tops with high or wide necklines.
·        Avoid wearing skinny or baggy jeans.
·        Do not go for heavy fabric
·        Avoid overemphasizing an extremely narrow waist (corset, broad waist band)


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