Tuesday, February 9, 2016

How to become a Fashion Blogger & earn money online

Before we proceed to answer "how to start fashion blog first we should understand what is Blogger? (of course one who writes blogs),How do bloggers make money online? How to make a blog?
Today there is a GAP in the fashion blogging area, if you have a passion, you have guts to write something new, you want to be connected to the audience, you have good sense of fashion and you want to be followed by the millions then come forward and become a blogger of this exciting field. 
Gone are the days when people were writing blogs for creative satisfaction only, today  blogging is the main source of income for thousands of professionals.
For eg-  Caira is a fashion blogger (the blond Salad) who earns millions of dollars a month( and please note she is neither a fashion designer nor a fashion journalist).
Many professionals think that blogging was much beneficial  before 5 years, but still today there are chances for being successful in this career as numbers of mobile users and wi-fi enabled cities are increasing day in day out ,  There is comparatively  low competition in fashion blogging area so its right time to start a fashion blogging and make money through online advertiser (Google Adsence)
What is Fashion Blogger?
There are tow types of Fashion blogger. Personal fashion blogger- one who writes about him/her - self. They write about own dressing style and also about lifestyle.
Second type is one who write about tips and updates (fashion field) they are not focussed about own lifestyle. If you are good looking and have very fine dressing sense then you can start as a personal style blogger.  

 How Money comes from blog 
It depends on the number of readers/viewers see your page. Once you start blogging, search engine (yahoo, google, bing) will show your page to the readers (if key words are matching from your content), slowly you will get readers/viewer for blog. After six months of blogging your blog will be eligible for Adsense (adsense is the product of google through which most of the website gets advertisements) configuring Adsense in your blog, automatically you will get ads from different companies/brands ( type of ads which you will receive, depends on the contents of your blogs) Google will pay you on the per click (on advertisement) basis, generally 0.11 $  to 0.5 $ each click. There are many factors which affect your earning (for eg- targeted key words, no.of page view, viewers location,  types of ad you are showing..etc), we will discuss these things one by one later. 
After certain balance You will be asked to configure your payment detail, Whatever money you will earn, will be credited to your bank account at the end of the month. 
For more detail you can visit Google page "Make money with your blog"

How to start Blog

There are number of options to start a blog. First you need to identify the area of your interest.  There are two main option to start a blog one is through (i) Hosted account and second is (ii) Make your own website.

1. Hosted Account
For beginners hosted account is always good, Hosted account means you need not to invest a single penny, they ( host- blogspot,wordpress...etc ) will do all the things by themselves. You have all the liberties to play with these accounts, its all free, search engine  have automated  SEO system therefore no worry about search engine enlisting or key word ranking, No need to be a technically sound, there is no need to hire professionals for maintenance of your site, You can't even imagine how  easy it is to write a blog, its as simple as you write a mail. later you can redirect your blogspot page to your custom domain too. For eg.  www.yourname.com 
- I prefer blogspot.com becouse it is a product of google which is world's largest search engine so no need to do SEO
- Therefore, to start a blog - the one and only one thing you need to do is to create a gmail account(No need to create if you already have )
- sign in to gmail (in chrome) 
- at extreme top right corner you will see  different product of google ,  
click on blogger

you will be redirected to the new page

Now you need to give your blog a title it may be your name or you can start with your brand name, select your url address (try to keep it short because only first 70 letters html code is searchable) then go for template and select one, You can customize your template (color,width, style..etc) for more help you can go for google help centre here  " Change the Design of your Blog" then just click on create a blog. Now
You will be redirected to the "blogger dashboard" yes now you can start blogging

2.     Make your own website
If you are a professional (having knowledge of code/HTML/Java Script, or you can afford a professional for technical help then choose this method. (i)Purchase a domain name,  (ii) hosting space, (iii) SSL certificate ( godaddy.com sells all these things on early renewable basis and they do very fare business )  and hire  SEO(search engine optimization ) team. In this method financial support is needed. On an average  estimated yearly expenses will be as per below;
-         Domain- USD  8 $ = INR 450-500 (depending upon .com, in, .edu)
-         Hosting package-  50 $=  INR 3000 approx
-         SSL Security (optional for beginner)=  30 $=  INR 2000  
-         SEO – 100 $ per month= 1200$ PA=   INR 80000
-         Website design and upload – 300 $ to 350 $ (it is one time investment)
SEO is an important for individual website, otherwise search engine (Google/yahoo/bing) result will not include your piece of writing, it may come on the search result after 10 page ( to come on the first page of search result,  SEO team work on the key words enlisting and ranking) and your reader will not be able to read your website.
Benefits of making your own website-
-         If you have every thing( domain, hosting, SEO ) that means you have all the commands in your hand. You can advertise the company you want, you can quote money according to your wish and demand. You can advertise in any format (banner, pay per click) in short you have all the authorities and controls to run ads & make money. In this way you can earn more money than the next (hosted-blogger, wordpress) one.
Drawback of making your own website
-         Overall if I calculate, you need to invest a huge amount at the beginning stage, so in my opinion this option  can be avoided for certain period of time, once you achieve a milestone , start earning  handsome amount then you can go for your own website.
So, what are you waiting for, go and grab the opportunities. 

As a beginner you must be having too many queries, please feel free to ask the question (you can ask in comment) I would love to answer your query. 

Friday, February 5, 2016

How to Select Themes for Fashion Show-Design Collection

The most common question what we are facing in every day life :-  what is theme? what is inspiration? How we take theme for the fashion design collection? What all themes are suggested by the leading fashion forecasting agencies? What is the top fashion show theme for the coming season? How designers take themes? What are the categories of themes? 
If you are a Design student or a Fashion Designer and these types of questions  keep coming in your mind, don't worry it's normal. As being a fashion fraternity it's natural to think  these points, before you start your collection.
We all know themes plays  very important role in fashion show and any kind of design ( some scholar term it concept and inspiration but in my point of view these words are completely different from each other) One who  knows Sabyasachi Mukherjee also knows his famous theme for design collection named "Prostitute" . Same way Samant Chauhan known for his Rajputana theme. Alexander Mcqeen known for "Savage Beauty". So, in short, for being a successful designer you need to work on a specific theme which can match the sensibility of the targeted market and most importantly which match your design sensibility and gives you creative satisfaction.
Themes in fashion shows, create drama on the ramp, stick the audience to the walk and it connect to the target customer and compel them to purchase the ensembles in long run. Theme of a fashion show should be interesting and captivating for the audience.
Following are some themes categories (from which you can derive your own unique theme), which can be used in a fashion shows or in any kind of design collection (in print, graphics, art/architecture...etc) Some of the themes can be taken as an inspiration:
Art Decade - Sub-Culture , Trends of different decades-
You can have a theme related to subcultures of the world (common what you have already read in fashion studies) Goth, Punk theme, Hippies, Cubism, minimalism etc.
This is one of the most popular themes and is as evergreen as the eras gone by. Clothes inspired from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s can be showcased in this theme. As we all know fashion cycle moves and we use to see same kind of product after 50 years (definitely with some changes/improvement)  Some examples of these costumes/product, are bright colored skintight clothes from 1980’s, and bell bottom pants of 1970’s.
Seasonal theme
Again a very popular theme, as fashion shows are generally showcased as fall/winter collection or summer/spring collection. So many designers derive themes from the season and name it accordingly. For an example I have decided to make a collection for bridal wear and it will be used in March. So I can think of a catchy theme “monsoon wedding” (Hey I am not talking about a Bollywood movie, its seasonal theme please!!)
forecasting magazines suggest theme categories, designers take these category as an inspiration and take themes based on the main themes (usually keywords work as a guideline)

Burning Social Issues-
The current issues and event can be also a theme. You need to keep your eyes open, You should always take a note in terms of  the current events/ issues of the world, changes in the buying behaviour of the targeted segment, likes and dislikes of your clients. Some good example of themes from this category can be- Female Foeticide, child labour, dowry..etc  

Craft &Culture - Theme Inspired by Handcraft or Traditional Textile and culture 
Most of the countries has their own prestigious art/craft and culture, Selecting themes from this section is always facinating. In India - we are known for the traditional work and hand crafted products. We have many crafts as Bandhani, Madhubani art, Phulkari, Kalamkari, sanganeri, Dabu, Ajrakh etc. 
Different religion has different practice/ culture we can choose themes from the culture of a specific religion or social groups.
We can also take themes from the festivals of different geographical location. For eg- Halloween, Ice bucket challenge, Indian Festivals  (deepawali,holi) ..etc
Form of dance can be also an inspiration for certain type of collection/design.

Bollywood/Hollywood theme 
Bollywood sets trends in India and internationally, so this is an ideal theme for a fashion show. The show can have glamorous, colorful, Indian ethnic clothes (maybe from some of the hit Bollywood movies). The way models catwalk can have some drama or it can be choreographed like a musical extravaganza, just like Bollywood movies.
Proper Noun (famous personalities) - Historical events Classic books theme-
Classics are a great source of inspiration for designers. Theme of the show can be inspired by classics like, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Gone with the wind’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, etc.
 Creative theme- 

Under this theme designer usually take a design process to the next level, and choose theme from unconventional thought process. 
For example - Manish Arora's work is associated with theme "Psychedelic"
You can easily see few designers working on Recycling ideas, Eco-friendly concept, Sustainable Fashion/Fabric..etc
-professionals from the industries and from established Designer Label- they always come-up with innovative ideas (though all theme categories have been  mentioned above) but they  follow Fashion Forecast, There are many Fashion Forecast companies working on the niche. The most famous agencies are
Promostyl- (Very popular expensive magazine- Trend,graphics,color, silhouette )
WGSN- ( website- subscription based Fashion forecasting agency, they allow very basic for guest visitors)
Pantone- (color reference and forecasting)
Lenging-  Magazine , only small export/design house follow it is not that costly.

To conclude, a nice well thought theme, can take the designs being presented at a fashion show, to the next level. Hope these ideas are helpful in getting better insight about themes. All the best!

Monday, February 1, 2016

India's New Fashion-Style Icon- Narendra Modi

We all know Narendra Modi once belonged to ordinary boy from a middle class family  and life was literally dark when he was young.  As a child Modi helped his father sell tea at the Vadnagar railway station. Narendra Modi has truly set an example for every one.

Transformation of a politician- 
he has a pinstripe suit with his name woven into the design of the stripes.
Gone are those days when we found all our Indian politicians flaunting with their unkempt appearances, pot bellies and shabby outfits. As in today’s era politicians are known as a new emerging style icon for the youth generation. And the image makeover is helping him connect with the young audience in more than many ways possible. Who says one cannot look fashionable in a dhoti and kurta?? Transforming a phase From a tea seller to prime minister and from prime minister to fashion icon. Even he wouldn't have imagined that his destiny would take such a sweet turn. 

But today as being a fashion connoisseur It's difficult to ignore Narendra Modi’s signature half-sleeve kurtas (and churidaars), even if you are not remotely interested in politics.
Even before gaining popularity as being a PM candidate or being elected as a PM, he was as stylish as he is today. During his chief ministerial era he use to flaunt his dressing sense and getting in-cashed (media cover/talk /gossips around)
Modi is greatly influenced by Rajesh Khanna's style
and that is why he buttons up his kurta tight till his neck.

 The man in dhoti did not plan to be a trend setter, the way he carried himself so comfortably and the sense of mixing and matching colours  made him what he is and carry it off as a style statement.
At his residence in Gandhinagar,
Modi can be spotted wearing his stylish
Texan hats along with jeans and t-shirts
His semi formals and that bright colours -- from lime green to canary yellow and even bright blue,  reflects his can-do attitude and readiness to try out new things. 
Before choosing his cloth he never forget about the target audience and the message of his attire.
 These days he  has  started experimenting with more lively yet muted pastel colours.The day when he was appointed as BJP's PM candidate, he wore a pistachio green coloured kurta which became significant to the point of being called as the 'Modi Kurta.'
 The world has never seen an Indian Prime Minister like him: he never hesitate to flaunts his stylish Bvlagri spectacles frames, expensive Movado watch and swanky Mont Blanc pens collection.
Yogi Modi
 He has an incredibly simple sartorial sensibility, his choice of accessories are rather flashy. he regularly wear sports designer watches and glasses.. He changes his hand-made shirts multiple times a day to match the background of locations where he’s speaking publicly. And his preference for short-sleeve kurtas has been viewed as a symbol for his efforts to modernize the country. The most interesting thing about him is, he wears clothes depending upon the situation. The situation acts as a theme to him.
For example  During the US visit, where approx 1 lakh people were gathered at Madison Square Garden in New York, and crores and crore people were watching him live ,Modi wore a pale orange bandhani over a yellow kurta-pajama , trying to connect with his roots to the desi audience. 
However, during the UN General Assembly while he was international heads of state, he  wore sombre and solid tones of charcoal, grey, navy blue and black and silhouettes like Nehru jackets. He tried to  maintain a balance of Eastern and Western sensibilities. The Modi Kurta itself has a long story behind it. You will believe it was Modi's own design, and he cut the sleeves short to create space in his jhola. Once he said  during an interview. He rarely consult with designer, once said his sense of dressing is God gifted.
Modi ek Pagdi Anek

It is rightly said that Fashion plays a very prominent role in image building.

 Modi has proved that this theory is even applicable for politicians as well. He dress to impress, and his dress makes  statement. Obama said, Modi is a new style icon. 

He taught us we should wear something that is appropriate for that particular occasion and suitable to place and time.